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Company title: AKMOS Trade

Address: 2/1 Kalanchevskaya str, room 825
City: Moscow
State / Province:
Country: Russia
Zip code: 107174
Phone number: 7(095)232-3365
Phone number: 7(095)956-3768
Fax number:
E-mail: send message
Company URL:

Services: Forex, Education
Languages: Russian, English, Chinese (traditional)
Trading platform: AFMSystem, AFMDealer
Commisions on Forex: no
Bid/Ask spread on Major currencies: 4-6 pips
Minimal Transaction Size: 0 USD
Minimal Deposit Size: 2 000 USD
Free Demo Account: yes
Mini Forex Trading: no

Evgenii Sokolinskii
Position: Managing partners
Phone number: 7(095)232-3365
Mobile number:
E-mail: send message

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